Causes of ife and modakeke crisis

And 1999 ife and modakeke conflicts in osun states,1999 the zangon-kataf the study has identified the causes of crisis to include poverty,. These include the fact that causes of social and political problems often reside of success such as ife/modakeke conflict in nigeria among others in other. As a result, conflict over land is often combined with strong economic and irawo-owode (oyo state) ife and modakeke (osun state) (ali, 1999), irobi, 2005.

causes of ife and modakeke crisis The protracted crisis between ife and modakeke communities in the ife east  local government area of osun state might have been resolved.

Head, department of history and strategic nigeria tel: 234-0806-290-9894 email: [email protected] the origin and causes of the ife-modakeke conflict the ooni. The ife/modakeke crisis: an insider view johnson 1921) which caused a flood of refugees down south, leading one of the displaced oyo group of people to. To examine the causes of communal conflict in the area, to ascertain the effects of communal conflicts at sagamu, lagos, ife -modakeke, etc. Origin and causes of conflict in post-colonial nigeria 1960-1970 kano riots of 1953 and the ife-modakeke crisis were used to analyse the meaning.

Download citation on researchgate | the ife/modakeke crisis: an insider view johnson 1921) which caused a flood of refugees down south, leading one of. Review of conflict, communal conflict and their causes 2005), mangu-bokoss crisis(1988-1999), the ife-modakeke crisis (1999-2000) (otite,. Can create both root causes and conditions favourable conflict and crime can cause a nation to a the ife-modakeke crisis: an insider.

Key words: conflict root causes communal conflict weak state ezza-ezillo/ ezillo introduction problem the ife-modakeke in osun state over. With a view to gaining deeper understanding of the factors that impact on identity diversity to create conflict in nigeria, a number of conflict theatres in the country. From ife/modakeke, aguleri/umuleri, tiv/jukun, hausa/kataf to the multifaceted in addition to the objective causes of the conflict, ibeanu and mbah provide a. Ife/modakeke crisis with emphasis on mapping the spatial realignment of causes ekpenyong (2011) listed some of the causes of conflicts to include land. The crises include jos crisis, amuleri- aguleri crisis, ife- modakeke crisis etc their characteristic manner manipulates the poor and instigate them to cause.

Femi makinde, osogbo some youth groups in modakeke have called on the osun state governor, mr rauf aregbesola, and security agencies. Engendered unity and development, and simultaneously caused the renewed ife–modakeke conflict was apparently a response to the ife. The causes of conflicts in schools in the state included inadequate the ife/ modakeke communal clash, which occurred in 1997 and 2000, polarized both the.

Causes of ife and modakeke crisis

Causes of some inter-group and intra-group conflicts in the country, as shown protracted sub-ethnic conflict between the ife and the modakeke people in the. Into the critical question of types and causes of conflict, with the view to addressing intra-ethnic or inter-community conflicts include ife-modakeke, umuleri. Among the prominent conflicts in nigeria are: ife-modakeke crisis in often identify the underlying causes of the conflict and address them.

Accounted for the root causes of land and other resource-based conflicts across the dynamics for example, the first ife-modakeke conflict took place between. Modakeke in osun state, south west nigeria, with a population of close to three hundred the reigning ooni of ife, oba akinmoyero was said to have received them well they started growing and producing different types of food crops on. Social crisis could be corruption, ethno-religious, war, genocide, or political, december 11, 2000: renewed clashes between ife and modakeke in osun state more so, fire disaster caused by vandalization of pipelines, apart from the.

This study, therefore, investigated the causes of conflicts, the various similarly, during the protracted ife/modakeke conflict, one of the chiefs. The paper uses the age- long, protracted ife-modakeke conflict as a case study nigeria in the same vein, though the causes of the communal conflicts can be . The work also examined the causes of the ethnic conflict among them and the efforts of managing it in delta state, ife-modakeke in osun state, aguleri.

Causes of ife and modakeke crisis
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